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GCA Sport Complex Facility Regulations

General Information

  • The gym is located behind the main building of Southside Church & Guardian Christian Academy at 6851 Courthouse Road Chesterfield VA 23832. (Directly off 288 and the courthouse exit) 

  • Gym capacity is 500 occupants, so please be aware entry into the building is on a first come first served basis.

Facility Entry:

  • Entrance to the facility for tournaments held at the GCA Sports Complex is at the side entrance attached to our patio area.  All teams, coaches and spectators should use these doors to enter the facility.

Exiting the Facility:

  • Either the front doors or the side doors may be used to exit our facility during tournament play.



  • Ample parking is available at the sports complex. 

Outside Food

  • Coolers are not allowed in the facility.  Gym monitor will ask anyone with a cooler to  please remove it from the building.

  • Outside food is not allowed in the facility.

  • Concessions will be available during tournaments.

  • Players may bring water bottles and snacks held in their gym bags.  However, lunch may  not be brought into the facility.


  • We do not allow outside chairs into the gym.  Chairs can damage our sports court flooring and therefore are not permitted in the gym.  Bleachers will be set up for spectators, as well as chairs that are approved .

Spectator and Player Conduct

  • Any spectator who becomes verbally or physically abusive while on the property of  GCA Sports Complex will be removed immediately.

  • Players and spectators are required to abide by the USAV and ODR rules of conduct while on the property.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 804-566-9669 or contact our gym facility director, Doug Dillon directly.

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