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Travel Volleyball Pricing

XZone Volleyball Clubs 2023/2024 travel season pricing is now available. 


With tryouts approaching, we are frequently asked about the cost of playing for our club. In an effort to be open, communicative, and transparent, we will summarize the cost of playing for XZone Volleyball Club. These costs will be discussed in more detail at our parent meeting.  


The fees seen are "all-in" team fees and include tournament fees, coaches travel and salaries, court time, instruction, equipment, insurance, club wide memberships, and a uniform package which include a bundle package for all players. 


The only items not included are player memberships to USAV and AAU and travel accommodations.  Each player shares the team fees in equal sum to pay all team charges accrued.  Teams will have a 10 person roster that  fees are divided by to share costs per player.  

**All numbers are tentative until final schedules are complete**

When reviewing the cost of playing for our club it is important to remember several things:

  • A deposit to secure your spot on the team will be required when you accept the team offer. This deposit will be $1500.  The remaining balance will be divided into 2 payments thereafter.  There are no exceptions to this payment plan unless paying the amount in full when placement has been accepted.    

  • Parents are responsible for their athlete's travel to all events as well as lodging (except where noted). This is an effort by XZone to allow families to make their own decisions on travel via cost effective means.

  • XZone will only handle hotels for players on the 16U or 17U 1st team.  (hotels for the DC tournament is not included in pricing for any player)All other athletes will stay with a parent.

  • XZone will provide a block of rooms for parents to reserve a hotel room for the player and parent.  Hotels are not included this year in price points except as noted.

  • It is a requirement that families book and stay in our blocked rooms to be eligible for certain tournaments.   (Stay and Play Guidelines)

  • *USAV Nationals if attending is not  included in pricing.  

1st Teams- 16U & 17U- $3750 (10 player roster)

16U and 17U first teams will have hotel costs included in their travel team fees for all 2 day tournaments that require hotels.  The only exception will be the 3 day Capitol Hill Classic tournament located in Washington DC.  Due to location and travelling around the city all girls will stay with parents for this 3 day tournament. 


Our 16U & 17U  1st teams will travel to a handful of multi-day tournaments including 1 or 2- 3 day tournaments.  To round off the season they will also take in a few one day tournaments throughout. The tournament schedule for our 1st teams will be competitive in nature and will require approximately 2 weekends per month of travel time.  


1st Teams 12U to 15U- $3300 (10 player roster)

Our 12U to 15U 1st teams will play the same tournament schedule as our 16U and 17U 1st teams.  The only difference is this age player will be required to stay with parents in the hotel instead of share a room.  Pricing has been adjusted to reflect this difference.  All other aspects of 1st teams for this age group is identical to the 16U and 17U description above.  


2nd Teams 12U to 17U - $2600 (10 player roster)

2nd teams will play up to 8 one day competitive tournaments throughout the season in and around the Virginia area.  They will have the opportunity to play at least one- 2 day tournament during the season that requires a hotel stay.  Fees do not include hotels for any of our 2nd teams formed.   


Intramural Programming 17 and above-$350 (minimum of 12 players must join this program)

For our older player (17 and above) who don't have the time, don't have the commitment level, or just want to play for fun and not deal with a full blown travel season, we have created a program that allows court time without the commitment to a team or the cost.   Our intramural program will be in session between January and the end of March.   There is no formal instruction with this option.   Play will be organized like an open gym with players dictating what activities are done during the time they have court access.  Court time will be once a week for several hours.

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