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Mark Your Calendars!

Tryouts for the 2021-2022 XZone premier, elite, state and travel light teams will be:

October 15th, 16th & 17th. 

October 15th is an "open gym" style night for all ages from 5PM-8PM

October 16 & 17th please follow this schedule:

Girls 17 & 18 session will be at 8AM-12PM

Girl's 16 and under will be held at 3PM-7PM

Please note there is no guarantee a participant who comes to tryouts will make a team.  



XZVC is revamping the travel team program.  Due to the continued SUCCESS & GROWTH of our travel program…

  • Travel for the 2021-2022 season will provide more extensive travel options for our higher-level teams in order to promote and receive more exposure for our players.

  • Increased recruiting opportunities

  • Adidas team package will be available for purchase to all players to showcase our XZone pride and unity

  • Volunteer mentoring opportunities available for older club members-We want to foster a sense of giving back to others.  For those who have grown with the program we would like to extend opportunities for those more experienced and seasoned players to help our younger players throughout the season.

  • Beginning in the 2021-2022 season, XZone has established a relationship with Ryzer to provide our players’ parents access to a state-of-the-art software interface designed to manage the athletes payment and registration process for the Xzone travel program including camps, clinics, tryout fees and individual instruction.

  • New for the 2021-2022 season, our XZVC team will guide players and families through the recruiting process.  This includes assisting and contacting collegiate coaches when appropriate, giving guidance to players and families giving good collegiate fits based on their abilities, answering questions players may have, and serving as a point of contact for college coaches if necessary. 

  • Recruiting seminars will be conducted during the season to help both parents and players understand the steps needed to get involved in the recruiting process for collegiate play.

  • Registration will now include AAU membership fees-this membership will expand our tournament opportunities.  USAV membership will also be required and purchased by the player.

  • We are expanding our XZone work family to make sure all of our families get the best customer service possible.  ​

  • National tournament opportunities MAY be available if appropriate in 2022!  This may only be available to those teams that have proven to be ready for this experience.  The costs associated with going to Nationals IS NOT included in the travel team fees and will be billed out at the end of the season if any teams are chosen to attend.  

All teams are separated by date of birth as defined by USA Volleyball Juniors.    Players are able to compete in older age groups if deemed appropriate by the coach, but are not allowed to compete with younger age groups, as defined by USA Volleyball.  Scroll down and click Age Definition to determine which age your child qualifies to compete in. 



XZone for the 2021-2022 season will have 3 distinct teams per age group if appropriate.  State, Premier, and Elite will be the categories of each age group.  Below you will find the tournament types and practice requirements for each group.

Volleyball Game


Practice- 2x's a week (additional practices may be scheduled if coaches deem necessary)
Tournament Play
1- 3 day tournament
4- 2 day tournaments
3- 1 day tournaments
Total of 8 tournaments for the season



Practice- 2x's a week (additional practices may be scheduled if coaches deem necessary)
Tournament Play
1- 3 day tournament
2- 2 day tournaments
5- 1 day tournaments
Total of 8 tournaments for the season

Women Playing Volleyball


Practice- 2x's a week (additional practices may be scheduled if coaches deem necessary)
Tournament Play
0- 3 day tournament
1- 2 day tournaments (this tournament will be close to the Richmond area and will not require overnight accommodations for players unless parents find it necessary.)
7- 1 day tournaments
Total of 8 tournaments for the season


Travel Light

Practice- 2x's a week 
Tournament Play
0- 3 day tournament
0- 2 day tournaments 
3- 1 day tournaments
multiple scrimmages in house will be arranged to for the travel light teams in addition to the 3 one day tournaments also.
Total of 3 tournaments for the season


Player & Parent Handbook for 2021-2022

Please download a copy of our XZone player and parent handbook for the 2021-2022 travel season to learn more about our program.

Payment Arrangements

Payments made to XZone cover the following expenses associated with the travel volleyball program, which include gym rental, coaching fees & expenses (including coaches travel), equipment, uniforms, tournament fees, equipment repair, and administrative costs. 

Payment for the upcoming travel season can be paid in two ways.

  1. In full:  at time acceptance to a team is made

  2. In installments: a $750 non refundable deposit at time of acceptance and 4 equal monthly installments (this $750 payment will be made online through our Ryzer site to reserve the players spot on the team if offered a placement in the 2021-2022 season.

Installment payments can be made by check made out to XZone, credit card, or cash at the GCA complex or by calling 804-566-9669 and requesting an emailed invoice be sent or paying over the phone.  

Travel Team Fees 2021-2022

  • All players must put down a $750 non refundable deposit upon acceptance of their team spot.  The spot is not reserved unless the deposit is made at time the offer is accepted.

Installment payments are due at the following times throughout the year:

December 3rd/ January 7th/ February 4th/ March 14th

Premier Teams

  • 4 equal payments of $399 to be paid at each installment date mentioned above

Elite Teams

  • 4 equal payments of $339 to be paid at each installment date mentioned above

State Teams

  • 4 equal payments of $299 to be paid at each installment date mentioned above

Travel Light Team Fees 2021-2022

  • Non refundable deposit at acceptance of $600

  • 2 equal payments of $405 due on December 1st and January 7th

Please use the correct link to sign up for volleyball tryouts.


2021-2022 XZone Travel Volleyball Teams

The following teams have been listed for the 2021-2022 travel season.

New teams for the 2021-2022 season will be listed within 48 hours after tryouts.  Acceptance & non refundable deposit of $750 must be made to hold your spot to premier and elite teams within 24 hours of notification that a team has been made.

18U Red Elite


#3 Emily Lewis

#7 Maddie Johnson

#12 Sarah Heath

#1 Kyla Barnes

#8 Mckenzie Goacher

#10 Nina Marsho

#9 Dara Olusina

#2 Kassidy Reed

#6 Anderson Davis

#5 Jordan Gorman

#4 Alexis Dolberry

18U Red

#22 Megan Love
#21 Lara Santana
#23 Phoebe Heath
#19 Kyla Taylor
#24 Joann Paige
#17 Leah Glass
#15 Brooke Farrey
#18 Sydney Turcotte
#20 Heather Hertless

17U Red Elite


#26 Sophia Denby

#27 Dorothy Redding

#29 Faith Shields

#30 Erin Shaffer

#25 Janelle Destin

#28 Katherine Nosbich

#35 Riley Kovach

#32 Danielle Richardson

#34 Makayla Gentry

#31 Madeline Fox

17U White


#10 Sophia Schallmo

#1 Alaysha Robinson

#8 Mackenzie Walker

#12 Charlie Braxton

#2 Madeline Edicola

#3 Jordan Bridger

#9 Jordan Armstrong

#11 Gabrielle Farmer

#5 Amber Watters

#26 Ella Chevalier

16U Red

#17 Fiona Wyant
#24 Reagan Kruger
#22 Sophia Carawan
#20 Emma Rambo
#15 Madison Gooding
#14 Kathryn Morgan
#16 Lillian Melton
#18 Ella King
#23 Madalyn Boyles
#21 Mackenzie Laino

16U White

#33 Ryleigh Morgan
#34 Ansley Stotts
#24 Tali Hayes
#25 Emma Arrowood
#30 Nicole Ward
#29 Gabrielle Deglau
#27 Carly Farrey
#32 Brooke Saylor
#28 Emma Sullivan
#31 Cara Whitaker


15U Red Team

Mike Bowes

#5 Madilyn Mozucha
#8 Eliana Boughan
#6 Isabelle Garrett
#2  Emma Bowes
#1 Cadence Jones
#10 Grace Winfree
#3 Katherine Ulrich
#9 Brenna Rea
#7 Kelsey Boltz
#11 Madison Powell
#4 Ahna Hampton

15U White Team

Ellie Johnson

#15 Madison Weston
#20 Alexis Oakes
#19 Kady Harth
#16 Cacci Andrews
#12 Avery Stacy
#18 Tina Maturana
#17 Catalina Martinez
#21 Deandra Zapata
#     Breeann Hutson


USAV Age Requirements