How to register with USA Volleyball?

Players need you to register via going to

  1. Click  ODR Membership

  2. Click  Registration Info

  3. Click Returning Members-register here  or New members-begin registration here

  4. Fill out member information click Continue

  5. Pick club Xzone

  6. Pay USA Volleyball $50 registration fee 

  7. Print off Medical Release Form and fill out (give to coach)  Club & Team are Xzone

  8.  After payment: USA Waiver info need to agree & Check off Waivers & Open Waivers


How to register for USAV work team clinics?

All teams are required via USA Volleyball to provide work teams.  XZone players are required to take Line judge, Scorers, Libero, R1 (up ref), and  R2(down ref) test receiving certification badges in all.  Teams will not be able to compete until they have certified refs (R1 & R2) , Line judges, Scorekeepers, and Libero trackers on their active roster.  XZone coaches will delegate work teams for required matches at each tournament.


Always go through webpoint first to access USAV Academy to assure you get credit! 

  1. The first step is to join USA Volleyball (USAV) by registering through the Old Dominion   Region using USA Volleyball’s Webpoint Membership Management System  (info above)

  2. After an individual completes their membership registration, they will need to log back into individual must first register for required clinics in Webpoint to receive credit for completion of clinics. 

  3. In Webpoint on Member Home page on the left menu click on the blue + icon on the Region Clinics  to expand the Region Clinics list:   ODR Junior R1 Clinic OD20_101; ODR Junior R2 Clinic OD 20_102; ODR Junior Line Judge Clinic OD 20_103; ODR Junior Scorer Clinic OD20_104; ODR Junior Libero Controller Clinic OD 20_105  IMPORTANT   Each individual clinic curriculum will contain a one slide “Region Overview Course” identified as OD20-999. Although this course is contained in each curriculum, a member will only need to view this one slide course one time (when the individual starts their first module in the first clinic they start). If they do not view this single slide course (module) one time, they will not receive any completion certificates or badges until they do complete this module                                                                                           a. Some individual courses or modules may be contained in more than one clinic. However, the individual will only have to complete the module once and credit for completion will be given in all clinics in which the course is part of the curriculum.           

  4. Choose the clinic you plan to take via clicking  +Participant Registration bar

  5. ****Individuals must register for each clinic individually one at a time****

  6. Registration  screen appears, Individuals who have completed their registration for the current season and are “current” members should enter their member number in the “Member / Contact ID” box and click “GO”  Member/Contact ID # is the seven digit number in the middle of your member ID.  (Ex: OD1234567FJ20, Member Number is 1234567 portion.  Otherwise, the member will have to enter their information in each block marked with a red asterisk (*) in the “Individual Information” section.  If correct info is filled in fields correctly proceed.

  7. Click SUBMIT  

  8. Get a message if entered correctly “Sent to USAV Academy

  9. Bottom middle you now click link in red box “Log in USAV Academy”   follow a link to the USAV Academy to complete the clinic and testing requirements.   They will also receive an email confirmation from Webpoint (from each time they register for a new clinic. 

  10. Important Reminder!!! Members should always log in to Webpoint first  and use one of the links (clinics) in Webpoint to go to the Academy, before going to the Academy.  When they are on the Academy’s home page, they should never register as a new user even if it’s their first time completing courses & clinics within the Academy. 

  11. Once they are logged into USAV Academy via Webpoint, they will see the various clinics and individual classes they’ve registered for. Click the green “GO” icon, they’ll be able to start an individual course. Members may stop and restart each course as many times as is necessary to complete the course. Members should never walk away from the computer and leave it running a course. They should always log out of the system and close the window. 

  12. Once an individual has completed all the modules within a clinic’s curriculum, they will receive an email from the Academy indicating they have completed all the elements of that particular curriculum. The individual can then download and/or print a certificate indicating they’ve completed that particular clinic curriculum. The certification will indicate they have earned a particular certification “Badge” (for example, Junior R1 Badge or Junior Scorer Badge).  The Junior Line Judge and Junior Libero Controller certifications are valid for two seasons. All other certifications are valid for one season.