Coaches Requirements?

All coaches are required to go through background checks before contact with children or students in our programs. All travel team coaches must go through a second background check through USA Volleyball. All travel team coaches are required to be impact certified and Safesport certified before coaching any team on their own. All coaches are expected to follow all guidelines and directions given by employees and supervisors of XZone. All coaches are expected to follow the vision and focus of XZone’s vision. Coaches that do not follow any of these or other directions, given by XZone, may be dismissed for any reason, at any time, by XZone Management. XZone Management has the right to ban individuals from attending any event or returning to employment that they feel necessary.

Volunteer Requirements?

All volunteers are required to go through background checks if deemed necessary by XZone Management. All volunteers are expected to follow the same directions and vision the coaches are asked to abide by. Volunteers that do not follow these directions and vision can be dismissed for any reason, at any time, by XZone Management if they feel necessary.


All coaches and volunteers are expected to make sure all participants are supervised during the entire time of the event or program. All coaches and or volunteers are expected to make sure all participants are picked up before leaving the facility or practice area.

Accident & Injury?

All coaches and volunteers must complete all reports of injury and accidents under their supervision. All suspected concussions must be followed through the Safesport protocol before returning any game or practice. All participants must report any injury no matter how minor to their coach or supervisor for assessment and documentation purposes.


Participants and Spectators?

All participants are expected to follow the player's contract and the direction of their coach. Any use of alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs may and will be dismissed from any XZone program or event at any time. Any conduct unbecoming of an XZone player or performer may be dismissed from any event or program at any time, for any reason By XZone management if they feel it be necessary.

What is Difference between Travel & Community League?

Travel Volleyball typically attracts athletes  pursuing Volleyball at a higher level in preparations to compete at Varsity and/or College level.  Community league typically has inexperienced athletes new to the sport of volleyball that may have interest in making their middle school, JV team, or Varsity team.

Can athletes be moved up during travel season?

XZone always believes in challenging our athletes to play at their highest level.  Depending on athletes development and team need, we will pull players up to train with and/or compete with a higher level team.

When are tryouts for Travel?

Typically we schedule tryouts in November when the Highschool season is wrapping up?


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