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XZone is pleased to offer another competitive travel volleyball season.  Tryout slots for both traditional and travel lite will be limited, so please register early!  

XZONE sign up for our 2022-2023 programming, which will include traditional travel teams, travel lite teams, developmental programming, and middle school leagues will open open in June 2022.  Registration is required for all 4 programs.  Tryouts are mandatory for both traditional travel teams and travel lite teams.  The developmental program and middle school leagues do not require tryouts but do require the player to register.    

All must register in advance at


Tryout and registration fees are non refundable.  Fees cover all coaching, facility rental, tryout shirts, and miscellaneous admin costs for the day of tryouts.  if registering for developmental programming and middle school leagues the entire fee must be paid at registration.  No payment plan is offered for those two programs.  


Tryout dates are coming in June

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Travel Light Program

Travel Light is a travel volleyball program for those girls who are interested in experiencing travel volleyball but are not ready for or want the commitment and expense of a traditional travel program.  The travel light program practices 2 days a week like our other travel programs but the tournaments are limited to the metro area and do not require overnight stays.  Travel lite gives players a taste of a traditional program without the stress of a win/lose mentality.  Skills, fundamentals, and volleyball IQ are the main focus with a chance to experience travel tournament settings throughout the season.  

Travel Light Tryout Dates for 2022-2023:

Registration will be up in June with specific dates for tryouts.

Registration will be opening in the summer of 2022 for team placements.  

A registration fee will be due at sign ups for team placement.  Fee will be $125 which is non refundable.  This covers rental, coaching costs, and administrative costs for the day.  The registration fee is not the entire cost of the travel lite program. Season team costs will be set by summer 2022.

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Women Playing Volleyball
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XZone Elevate and the XZone Middle School League

If you have a rising middle schooler in grades 6th through 8th who would like to participate in league play during the fall volleyball season, please register and tell your friends.  We will be forming middle school teams to practice and play each week when the high school teams play.  Registration will be necessary and there will be a fee to cover court rental, coaching fees, equipment and uniform costs.  The league will run approximately 8 to 10 weeks starting around September and ending early November.  

Our XZone Elevate program is designed for beginners and will be developmental in nature.  Fundamentals will be taught during practice sessions.  Tournaments will not be introduced at this stage of play, but rather we will work on general volleyball skills and volleyball IQ.  Scrimmages towards the end of the season will be  played and practice will consist of meeting twice per week.   

Registration will be available in the summer of 2022 to save a spot.