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2022 Summer Camps/Clinics

Registration is Now Open


Fundamentals camp will be taking place on Tuesday, June 21st through Thursday,  the 23rd.  Camp will take place from 9am to 12pm each morning.  Please register at gcasportscomplex.com or use the link below.


Our advanced volleyball camp is for those players with 2 or more years of organized team play.  This camp will  work on advanced volleyball skills/drills.  Players should be consistent at serve/receive, hitting and serving.

Summer Events

Please continue to check back throughout the summer for updated events that will be held at the facility.


Our Programs

Programs for the 2022-2023 Season

Traditional Travel Teams

Dec 1st through Eary to Mid May

The traditional travel team program is growing and expanding each season at XZone Volleyball Club.  We are very excited to continue to serve the surrounding Richmond metro area with a volleyball program specifically designed to promote skills and team work, ignite commitment and work ethic, and enhance a players volleyball IQ.  Teams are formed based on skill level and age requirements provided by the USAV.   XZone volleyball is a proud member of USAV, AAU and JVA.  Traditional travel requires tryouts by all players.  If a team is not made the player will be recommended to go to a program that best suites her skill level.

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Travel Lite Teams

Dec 1st through April 31st

The XZone Travel Lite program is for those players that would like to experience travel volleyball but either do not have the skills set at the time to move to a traditional travel team or whose goal is not to play at the collegiate level and therefore the time and money required doesn't fit their goals.  Travel Lite mimics a traditional travel program, but is less intense and does not require travel out of the local area.  If you are a player with limited volleyball experience who wants to see if a travel program is something you enjoy before diving in head first into a traditional program, Travel Lite is for you.  This program is not meant to be as competitive as a traditional program but yet it is meant to give players a taste of what travel season is like, the commitment involved in a travel team, the endurance needed, and get a feel of the mental component involved with being a part of a team and supporting one another without the pressure and commitment normally seen in a seasonal traditional travel program.  Tryouts are required to be a part of the travel lite program this year.  if a team is not made the player will have the option to go to the developmental program.


XZone Elevate

Jan 1st through April 31st

XZone's Elevate program is for new players with no more than 2 years of organized team play experience.  This program is geared to develop proper technique, enhance skill sets, and ready the player to understand the ins and outs of team work, mindset of a sports team player, and the commitment a sport requires.  The goal is to not only develop good habits on the court but to ready the players to be introduced once more experience is gained to the travel programs in place.  The Elevate program will have no travel involved but rather it will be solely focused on fundamentals and technique each player must master before moving on to a team focused atmosphere.   If your daughter is new to volleyball or has limited experience (has only participated in travel lite for one season, this may be the program to choose.  Practice will be one to two days a week throughout the season.

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Volleyball Net

Middle School Volleyball League

Early September through Late October

Our XZone middle school league is for those students that will be in 5th grade through 8th grade in the 2022-2023 school year who would like to work as a team to ready themselves for playing in high school, traditional travel or work on skill set.  Each week will consist of a practice day and a scrimmage day for the week.  The middle school league season will follow the typical high school varsity season of 8 weeks of play starting September 8th and ending October 27th. Practice will take place on Mondays  with games being played on Thursdays.  Both Monday and Thursday sessions will be from 6:30PM-8PM.  Teams will be formed by the coordinator and coaching staff after tryouts.  Tryout registration will be required and a league fee will be implemented to cover league costs including coaching fees, gym rental, referee costs and shirts for scrimmage play.

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Why choose one of the top ranked volleyball clubs in the tri-cities area?

The unifying mission of all the coaches at XZone Volleyball Club is to develop players to be passionate about life through volleyball.  We are dedicated to training players at every level of the game.  Training is designed to help each player master every skill in a systematic approach that will allow her to continuously develop her abilities. At XZone we focus on training muscle memory through quality repetition, while  enhancing each player’s Volleyball IQ through USAV designed drills and game like instruction, and teaching players to compete with excellence in everything they do!
Every year, players from the Tri-Cities, come to our gym to participate in travel ball, enroll in individual instruction, or participate in our training programs, recruiting camps, and leagues.  
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Job Openings Available

Coaches and Assistant Coaches Wanted

XZone volleyball club is looking for responsible, committed adults who have a passion for volleyball, kids, and enjoy using their time and talents to help student athletes learn volleyball.  If you have at least 2 years of experience with volleyball either as a collegiate player or team coach (rec, gym, HS, MS or travel), are interested in helping student athletes reach the next level of play, and enjoy teaching, we would like to speak with you about a position as a head coach.  if you are current a collegiate player, have less than 2 years as a collegiate player, feel more confident as a support coach then we would love to speak with you about becoming an assistant coach.        

Please contact the XZone Director and/or coordinator at 804-566-9669 for more information.